Saturday, January 30, 2010

CEPs now on School Web Portals for viewing

According to the Office of School Improvement, 2008-2009 Comprehensive Educational Plans(CEPs) are on the school's DOE web portal. Go to and type in your school number which will take you to the school portal.Click on "statistics" and scroll down to Comprehensive Educational Plan 2008-2009.

However, in a random check of twenty five schools,sixty percent (15) did not have the CEP listed. The Office of School Improvement responded that three of the schools did have the CEP listed but the other twelve did not and they were determining if those schools submitted a 2008-2009 CEP.

The Office of School Improvement will be posting 2009-2010 CEP's starting this month.It is required under NYS Education Law.

If your school portal does not have its 2008-2009 CEP posted, please contact Sharon Rencher ( the Office of School Improvement.

In addition, contact Ms. Rencher for inquiries concerning the template for the 2010-2011 CEP. SLT's should be developing the 2010-2011 CEP and then aligning the school budget when it is allocated around April.

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