Thursday, December 17, 2015

SLT Biennial Survey for Members of SLTs - Give honest feedback

Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council Biennial SLT Survey deadline extended until next Wednesday! The deadline for completing the Biennial SLT survey was extended until Wednesday, December 23rd. If you are a member of your School Leadership Team and didn't have a chance to complete the survey, please take a moment to fill it out -- and let other members of your team know about the extension as well!. We are also asking that all Presidents' Council presidents pass this email along to their memberships. As a reminder, the Biennial SLT Survey takes place every other year. Responses are completely confidential. Although the survey asks for your school, this is a check to ensure you have the correct district and is not required. The final report includes only district level results and is used by your District Leadership Teams to help them understand how SLTs are functioning in your districts and to help them better target their training. So please complete the survey honestly. If you are a member of your SLT and have not received a link -- either from FACE or from your school -- you should contact your school principal, your parent coordinator, or your district Parent Leadership Coordinator (formerly DFA). If you are a member of your high school SLT, please contact your principal, your parent coordinator, or your superintendent's Parent Leadership Coordinator. If you have any problems completing the survey, please let FACE know! Thanks for helping to improve our schools!