Thursday, November 25, 2010

SLTs Reaching Out For Help

There are many SLTs that are being dominated by the principal and being prevented from fulfilling their legal mandated roles under State Education Law and Chancellor's Regulations. Most teams are not receiving training in a timely and consistent manner.The NYCDOE simply neglects SLTs since they are a threat to principal dominance if allowed to function.

Remember, the principal is a member of the team and must abide by the bylaws and legal regulations.Teams have the shared responsibility of creating the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP)and making sure that the budget is aligned with it. In addition, Teams must be included and consulted in the planning of budget spending.

Periodically, I receive e-mails and phone calls from parents and teachers who serve on SLTs. Many have questions and are seeking basic information concerning their SLTs.There are also those who are having conflicts with their principals concerning the running of their SLTs and are seeking help.

Recently,I received this thank you from a school in the Bronx:

"Hello James,

James, I would like to thank you for all your help. Clearly is was your email to the right people that help in resolving the issue at the school. Your email had everyone in downtown emailing me back and calling the school. They by-pass the districts recommendation and told the principal that no election would take place and that he must consult with the parents leaders of the school".

Feel free to contact me concerning your SLT issues.I would also like to have more comments posted on the blog concerning your SLTs.

Thank you.

James Calantjis
718 458-4237