Wednesday, October 22, 2014

If I am reading this excerpt from Oct. 24th Principals'Weekly correctly,the 2014-2015 Template is only now being released.The problem is that the 2014-2014 CEP is suppose to be in place since September.Apparently, a Goals and Budget alignment form was suppose to be submitted last June. The SLT should now be preparing the 2015-2016 CEP.This is just another example of how the DOE undermines and confuses the CEP process and makes the duties of the SLT difficult. Also, notice how the school's Network has an CEP liaison person, who is not an SLT member but probably has more influence. "To prepare for the upcoming release of School/Comprehensive Educational Plan (S/CEP) templates for the 2014-15 school year, you should begin working with your School Leadership Team (SLT) to complete the following steps: § Review the NYCDOE’s Capacity Framework to begin thinking about how to align your school’s goals to NYCDOE priorities and address the six elements of the framework. § Revisit the Initial Goals and Budget Alignment Form that your school submitted in June as part of your comprehensive educational planning. You can access this form by signing into the iPlan Portal. § Review this guidance memo for more information about next steps to support your SLT in continuous improvement planning." For questions, contact network accountability/CEP liaison