Monday, November 30, 2009

Role of SLTs in Principal and Assistant Principal Appointments

Changes to C-30 Regulation
All schools

According to recent changes to the C-30 Regulation governing the selection, assignment, and appointment of principals and assistant principals, hiring managers must consult with their School Leadership Teams (SLTs) before finalizing principal and assistant principal appointments.

This consultation can take place at a regularly-scheduled or a specially-scheduled SLT meeting. In order to stay on-track with the recommended three-month guideline for completing C-30s, we encourage hiring managers to schedule a special SLT meeting if one is not imminent. The hiring manager must send an agenda in advance to all SLT members noting an agenda item to discuss the appointment of X position at the SLT meeting on Y date—do not indicate candidates’ names.

Attendees must sign an attendance sheet and the Agreement of Confidentiality/Certification at the SLT meetings. The hiring manager should send these documents, along with the meeting notification and agenda, to the appropriate ISC or CFN. Additionally, the hiring manager should send the appropriate C-30 Coordinator an email stating, “I have consulted with the SLT of [School] on [Date] and wish to appoint [Candidate name] to the position of [specific license area] effective [Date].”

For more information, please consult the Hiring Page on the Principals’ Portal. For questions, contact the Office of School Leadership at or 718-935-5226.