Thursday, June 6, 2013

DOE 2013-2014 CEP Instructions

This is shameful to instruct principals in June to develop preliminary goals with SLTs that should have been completed collaboratively during the school year. You can not create a CEP from one SLT meeting in June.That is why there are ten meetings during the year. In addition, the budget should be aligned to the CEP goals. It is apparent that principals, with the help of their Learning Networks, are developing the CEPs without the SLTs.They have also allocated for the spending of their new budgets without the input of the SLTs as required. This is just another example of how the DOE has undermined the CEP process and SLT responsibilities.The 2013-2014 CEP should have been developed during the school year through conducting a needs assessment,developing goals and action plans,and aligning the budget with the action plans in May and June. Initial Plan Due for Your 2013-14 School Comprehensive Educational Plan or Comprehensive Educational Plan (Required) All schools / Deadline: June 21 As part of the annual planning process, you should develop preliminary goals and programs aligned to your budget allocations for the 2013-14 School Comprehensive Educational Plan (S/CEP) via the following steps: § Discuss goals, programs, and related budget allocations for the 2013-14 school year with your School Leadership Team (SLT). § Retain any related meeting minutes, agendas, and sign-in sheets. § Complete the Initial Goal and Budget Alignment form in the iPlan Portal and upload it to the iPlan Portal by June 21. If your school has been identified by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) as a school “In Good Standing”, you should develop three to five goals for your CEP. If your school has been identified by NYSED as a “Priority” or “Focus” school, you must develop five goals and address each tenet of the Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE) for your SCEP. You can find a copy of your most recent S/CEP on the iPlan portal if you need to use it as a reference. You and your SLT will have an opportunity to revise your 2013-14 S/CEP in the fall to ensure that your goals and programs reflect student achievement data from this year, once it is available. For questions about your S/CEP, contact your network CEP point. You may also find it helpful to refer to a new document that explains the budget process for NYC public schools, A Guide to NYC Public Schools’ Budget, as you discuss budget allocations with your SLT. Chancellor Walcott will be discussing the guide with members of the City Council this week. For questions about the guide, email

Make Sure the Team is Setting Goals for the CEP

Principals have further reduced the role of the SLT in the development of the CEP by using the one or two day Quality Review by the DOE, as the means for completing the needs assessment of the school and setting the goals of the CEP.While the Quality Review should be one source for consideration, the SLT should establish their own needs assessment and add goals accordingly.