Monday, February 16, 2015

CEP Update -Principals' Weekly

CEP Quality Assurance and S/CEP Progress Monitoring All schools / Deadline: February 27 Please note the updates below regarding the quality assurance process (for Comprehensive Educational Plans only) and progress monitoring (for all schools): Revised Process for Quality Assurance Feedback for CEPs Only: This week, your network leader or network CEP point will email you a CEP Quality Assurance (QA) feedback report. You should work with your School Leadership Team (SLT) to incorporate the feedback into your school’s CEP; your superintendent will receive a copy of this report as well. As a first step, you should download your CEP from the iPlan Portal and, as noted in the January 6 edition of Principals’ Weekly, review whether the NYCDOE made any updates to your plan. You should make revisions to this version of the plan only; do not use any prior versions that you may have saved. The deadline for uploading your revised final plan to the iPlan portal is February 27. Guidance for SCEP schools: Note that schools that completed SCEPs received QA feedback and were asked to update their SCEPs in December. If your school’s SCEP has not been fully updated with that guidance or needs further refining, you should incorporate relevant revisions to the current version of your SCEP in the iPlan Portal by February 27. Process for Reviewing Progress: As noted in the January 13 edition of Principals’ Weekly, all schools except School Improvement Grant (SIG) and School Innovation Fund (SIF) schools should use this 2014-15 S/CEP Mid-Point Review of School Progress document to guide their SLT in a review of their schools’ progress towards meeting annual goals. This document is intended as a guide only; you should not upload it to iPlan. Note that: § If your school completed the 2014-15 S/CEP, you should not complete Part 6b – Progress Monitoring for any of your goals. You should use the 2014-15 S/CEP Mid-Point Review of School Progress document noted above instead and incorporate any necessary updates directly into the S/CEP action plan for each of your goal/s. § If you are the principal of a SIG or SIF school and your school only completed the Title I Appendix, you are not required to use the Mid-Point Review of School Progress document. For more information about the process for your school, click here for SIG schools and here for SIF schools. Your network is available to support you in determining if your school met benchmarks and made appropriate progress towards meeting your annual goals. If you, your SLT, or your network determine that your school has not made sufficient progress toward meeting a goal, you, your SLT, and your network should discuss and identify resources and strategies to support your school in meeting that goal by the end of the school year. You must update the action plan(s) in your S/CEP to reflect the strategies that you and your SLT agree upon before uploading your final S/CEP to the iPlan Portal. As noted above, the deadline for uploading your revised final plan to the iPlan portal is February 27. By March 5, the NYCDOE will combine each school’s S/CEP with its Language Allocation Policy (LAP), Language Translation and Interpretation (LTI) Plan, and Title III plan (if applicable) and post it on your school’s NYCDOE website. For questions, contact your network leader.