Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Assessing Meeting Annual Goals of CEP

Assess Midpoint Progress Towards Meeting Your Annual Goals Reflected In Your School/Comprehensive Educational Plan (S/CEP) School Type: All schools Deadline: February 28; Event: March 15 Workflow Subcategory: School Improvement Between now and February 28, you should work with your School Leadership Team (SLT) to review the midpoint progress-monitoring benchmarks that are included in your approved School/Comprehensive Educational Plan (S/CEPs) and determine whether your school is on track to meet your annual S/CEP goals. If you and your SLT determine that your school has not made sufficient progress towards meeting a particular goal, you and your SLT should identify resources and strategies to support meeting that goal by the end of the school year. Once additional resources and strategies have been determined, you must make any necessary updates to your S/CEP using the online document editor in the iPlan Portal; to finalize revisions in the document editor, using slide 15 outlined here, you must click on the “Share for Review” button that is located in the top right corner of the webpage. Revised S/CEPs must be completed in the iPlan Portal by February 28; the DOE will then post all revised plans on schools’ public webpages by March 15. For questions or support, contact the School/District Improvement Liaison associated with your superintendent. For technical assistance with iPlan, email