Friday, December 23, 2011

Additional SLT Training Webinars-2012

Also, there is going to be a webinar every month which can be used to fulfill the mandatory training hours.The problem is the timing of these trainings.They should have began in September. The work of the SLT in conducting its needs assessment and formulating goals occurs during the Fall and early Winter sessions.Aligning the budget occurs in the Spring.By allowing extensions for submitting the CEP into the following school year,the process is undermined.

December- School Leadership Teams: A Foundation for School-Based Planning and Shared Decision Making An overview of the history and purpose of School Leadership Teams, with a discussion of SLT roles and responsibilities: including strategies for consensus based decision-making and Comprehensive Educational Plan goal development.

January- Supporting Title I Programs An overview of Title I program requirements, with an emphasis on parent involvement and the supports available at the school, district, and CFN levels. This presentation will also provide a summary of and links to available resources.

February- Developing the CEP An in-depth look at the revised Comprehensive Educational plan template. This presentation will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the components of the CEP planning and budget alignment process.

March- The CEP as a Living Document: Using Data to Inform the Plan
A look at the role of the SLT in the ongoing CEP planning, review, and improvement process. This presentation will assist teams in identifying tools to measure progress. Teams will be trained to use various data sources to assess the effectiveness of the CEP and determine necessary revisions.

April- Building Team Capacity A look at how consensus-based decision-making can be used to level the playing field. This presentation will also provide teams with strategies to ensure that all members are prepared to make informed decisions.

May- Setting priorities/Conducting a Needs Assessment In preparation for the submission of next year's draft CEP goals, teams will be trained to re-examine priorities by conducting a needs assessment.

June- Reflecting Back-Looking Forward This presentation will help team members to evaluate their SLT experience. What went well? Where is there still room for improvement? Teams will receive guidance on how to wrap up the year and ensure a smooth transition as they ahead to the coming school year.

SLT Training Webinar-2012

The NYCDOE has put out an SLT training Webinar that you can access from the link on this page.The viewing of the Webinar can satisfy the requirements for training needed to collect the yearly stipend of $300 for 30 hours of SLT service.
I have viewed the Webinar and feel it is a good overview of the SLT format and responsibilities. However, Team members will need more training than this Webinar can provide.Reach out to your District School Leadership Team and FACE (Family and Community additional Team CEP and Budget training.

James Calantjis