Thursday, May 6, 2010

NYCDOE School Leadership Team Trainings

School Leadership Team Trainings
All schools / Events: May 11-June 16

The Office for Family Engagement and Advocacy will offer borough-wide, two hour trainings for School Leadership Teams in May and June. The sessions being offered include Setting Priorities & Developing Action Plans and Team Building. We recommend that whole teams attend trainings with their principals; however, individual members are welcome to attend alone. Register for the training online. If you know of a team member who is interested in attending training and will require interpretation services, or is having trouble registering and needs to speak to someone, please call 212-374-4118.

The Queens session will be held May 11 at P.S. 65, Raymond York, 103-22 99th Street, Queens; the Brooklyn session will be held May 19 at P.S. 230, 1 Albemarle Rd., Brooklyn; the Staten Island session will be held May 26 at Staten Island Technical High School, 485 Clawson St, Staten Island. All sessions will be held from 5:00-7:00 p.m. June locations will be announced in an upcoming edition of Principals’ Weekly; sessions will be held as follows: Manhattan, June 8; Bronx, June 10, Brooklyn, June 14; Staten Island, June 15; Queens, June 16.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

School Leadership Team Update

Dear Parent Leaders and Educators,

Is your School Leadership Team functioning?
Are parents,staff and teachers in your school aware there is an SLT, know who is on it and what it does?

At this point of the year, the SLT should be developing the 2010-2011 Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) for September.Parent, teacher,staff,administrative and student members(HS) of an SLT should have consulted their constituencies in the school for input into the CEP and budget.A needs assessment should of been completed, along with goals and action plans for September. When the 2010-2011 budget comes in shortly, the SLT must be consulted about how the budget will be spent and make sure that the budget is aligned with the CEP. If your team needs budget training,Regulation B-801 states that it can be requested from the DOE. In addition,some CEP and budget training can be attained by DOE,UFT and District workshops.Every member must attend a workshop in order to receive the $300 stipend for 30 hours of service.

The principal must send written confirmation and proof to the Superintendent that the budget is aligned with the CEP. If the SLT believes it is not aligned, it can contact the Superintendent in writing for intervention.In addition, the SLT can contact the Superintendent if it believes a decision by the principal is not consistent with the CEP.

If a SLT member feels there was no shared decision making in the development of the CEP and collaboration in the alignment with the budget, he or she can refuse to sign the CEP and attach a written explanation. Also, the SLT must send an evaluation form to the Superintendent rating how well the principal involved the SLT in shared decision making.

All decisions are by concensus of the SLT. If concensus can not be reached, the SLT should contact the District Leadership Team (DLT) or Superintendent for mediation.If the conflict cannot be resolved, the Superintendent will make the final determination.

Please visit the School Leadership Team Support Center at, for information that will help you know your responsibilities and rights on a SLT. This information can empower you as an SLT member.

James Calantjis
718 458-4237