Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SLT Signature Page Requirement

v Upload the 2016–17 School Leadership Team Signature Pages and Attest that the Configuration Aligns with Chancellor’s Regulation School Type: All schools Action required by: February 28; Event: March 15 Workflow Subcategory: School Improvement This year, a new feature in the iPlan portal enables you to upload a scanned copy of your School Leadership Team’s (SLT) signature page to a secure storage location, which is now required. This signature page will only be accessible by you, iPlan administrators, superintendents, and Family Leadership Coordinators (FLCs). You are required to upload your SLT Signature page on the iPlan portal using the following steps by February 28: § Click on “Attest and Upload SLT Signature Documents” from the CEP Planning page to access the new feature; § Enter your electronic signature attesting that the School Leadership Team (SLT) is in alignment with Chancellor's Regulation A-655; § Click the “Attest Online” button to complete the attestation; § Open the SLT Signature Page upload window; § Upload a scanned copy of the SLT signature page and any other related documents for secure storage. The original signed SLT signature page, along with any written communications pertaining to this page should also be kept on file in your office and be made available upon written request. For additional guidance on uploading the SLT signature pages, see slides here. As noted in previous editions of Principals Weekly, you should be working with your School Leadership Teams (SLTs) to review the midpoint progress-monitoring benchmarks, and make any necessary updates to your S/CEP using the online document editor in the iPlan Portal. To make updates in the document editor, using slide 15 outlined here, you must click on the “Share for Review” button that is located in the top right corner of the webpage. Revised S/CEPs must be completed in the iPlan Portal by February 28; the DOE will then post all revised plans on schools’ public webpages by March 15. For questions or support, contact the School/District Improvement Liaison associated with your superintendent. For technical assistance with iPlan, email