Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chancellor's Letter to Principals RE 2009-2010 CEP Process

On May 5th, Chancellor Klein issued a memo to Principals instructing them on the 2009-2010 CEP process until Regulation A-655 is revised.

The Pollicino Decision issued by Commissioner Mills on Dec. 31, 2008, instructed the NYCDOE to submit A-655 ( Dec. 2007) to the District Leadership Teams of each CEC for input and approval. A draft A-655 was submitted to the DLT's last month. The NYCDOE is still in the process of revising A-655.

The Chancellor's memo provides guidelines for developing the 2009-2010 CEP until A-655 is finalized. It states that SLT's "develop and review the school's CEP"and "consult with the principal in developing a school based budget and staffing plan aligned with the CEP." It also states that "SLT's must use a consensus-based decision-making process as their primary means of making decisions."

A copy of the memo can be obtained through the link provided on this site.

James Calantjis

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Anonymous said...

The SLT parents at my sons school have'nt received their BYlaws from the prinicpal and now the principla is rushing them to sign the CEP inwhich they did'nt even get to read. This is clearly aginst the chancellor Rrgulation