Friday, May 8, 2009


Dear Mr Calantjis,

My office is in the process of posting the finalized 2008-09 CEPs on each school's NYCDOE website. We expect to complete this activity by the end of this month. Regarding the 2009-10 CEP, we are planning to release the updated template to schools on May 19th. Schools will be expected to develop drafts of their 2009-10 CEPs by the end of June, in response to the continuous improvement needs assessment they have engaged in this spring and with consideration of their FY'10 school-based budgets, which we are anticipating will be available by the end of May. Finalized school CEPs will be submitted to the Central DOE by the end of September for review and feedback. As always, we will provide professional development and technical assistance to schools as they engage in these planning processes. Please feel free to call me at 212-374-5757 if there are school-specific concerns you would like to discuss.

Best regards,
Sharon Rencher
Executive Director, Office of School Improvement
Division of Teaching and Learning
NYC Department of Education

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