Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SLT Legislation Proposal by Jacob Morris

TheSchool Leadership Team Website Responsibility Act

It has come to the attention of the members of this legislative body that the original intent of the legislation that went into effect in 1996 regarding School Leadership Teams and their empowerment so that they could effectively collaborate in the discharge of their lawful responsibilities, which included communicating and disseminating information to the constituencies they represent, has been outmoded by the impact of new technologies (especially the Internet) on our Society, Families, and Schools.

Given our desire to improve effective parental involvement in education, which has been decisively proven in multiple scholarly studies as leading to the improved academic achievement of their children, we herein mandate that SLT's, DLT's and their constituent members be given the collaborative responsibility to have input as to the content of their respective School and District Websites, for their calendar & course/teacher email access as well as extracurricular, and the professional development training necessary to meet that responsibility.

This amendment will enhance the partnership between Families, Schools, and the Communities they are located in by improving Transparency, Accountability, Communication, and most of all the flow of Information that Parents need to help their children do well, in School and in Life, and affirm their potential.

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