Sunday, March 8, 2009

CR100.11 2008 Biennial Reviews of SLT's by DLT's

Dear Education and Parent Leaders,

The NYSED requires that District Leadership Teams complete the Biennial Review concerning the District 100.11 plan for shared decision making for School Leadership Teams.The Review asks the DLT's to answer six questions relating to CR100.11 concerning their SLT's and then to fill out an evaluation as to how well the SLT's have implemented these objectives in their districts.The ratings are from A-E: A-not addressed,B-Inconsistent Implementation,C- Minimal Implementation,D- Moderate Implementation and E- Consistent Implementation and success.

The five categories are:

1) Educational Issues subject to shared decision making
2) Involvement of all parties.
3) Means and standards used to evaluate improvement of student achievement
4) Accountability for decisions
5) Dispute resolution process
6) Coordination of State and Federal Requirements for Parental involvement

I attempted to get this information from a FOIL to NYCDOE first. They eventually sent me only the narrative portion of the Reviews that the districts were suppose to answer concerning each of the six points. They left out the evaluation data of the SLT's for each district. I re contacted them for the missing data and I am still waiting.

I sent a FOIL to the NYSED a few weeks ago for this information and received it promptly.

I have compiled the results of the Biennial Review evaluations of SLT's on a spreadsheet. Please contact me for a copy.

The Biennial Reviews also include the signature pages of those who participated on the District Leadership Teams.

This Review is from Spring 2008. The next Review will be in January 2010.

In reviewing the results, you will find that most of the districts did not accurately rate their SLT's. You would be hard pressed to find an SLT that is functioning with the involvement of all parties in shared decision making. Yet, all but three of the districts gave ratings of D (moderate implementation) and most gave an E ( Consistent Implementation and Success). Districts 9,23, 30, gave themselves a B ( Inconsistent Implementation)or a C ( Minimal Implementation).

Most of the districts were more realistic in their rating for "educational Issues subject to shared decision making", with most giving their SLT's a C ( Minimal Implementation).

The following districts gave themselves an E( Consistent Implementation and success) in all six categories:
Districts 8,16,17,18,27.

Districts 9 and 23 seemed to be the most critical in their evaluations

I would like to hear from individuals from these and all districts about the ratings that were given.

Thank you.

James Calantjis
SLT Empowerment Alliance
718 458-4237

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