Saturday, September 6, 2008

Getting Your School Leadership Team Off to a Good Start

The responsibility for assuring that the school has a functioning SLT rests with the PA/PTA and the UFT Chapter Leader. If left to the Principal, it will not happen.

There should be a meeting in September in which the following is addressed:

1) The Team should have elected representatives that include teachers, with 50% comprised of parents. The Team should have two student representatives at the High School level. The Principal, PA/PTA President, and UFT Chapter Leader are Core members. There should ideally be 12-14 SLT members.

2) Officers should be selected by consensus that include a Chair Person, which should not be the Principal. The Chair Person should be knowledgeable of the SLT process and have good planning and leadership skills.

3) The meeting schedule should be planned for the rest of the school year. There should be monthly meetings of at least two to three hour duration during after school hours. A stipend ($10 per hour) is provided up to 30 hours, which is the minimum time required.

4) All SLT members should be given copies of the 2008-2009 preliminary CEP or template along with the school budget. The NYCDOE has extended the time to submit the 2008-2009 CEP until early November. Developing the CEP includes a needs assessment, creating goals and writing objectives (Action Plans). The budget should be aligned with the CEP and be reflected in each Action Plan. After the 2008-2009 CEP is submitted, work should begin on the 2009-2010 CEP to assure it is completed by June.

5) A preliminary agenda should be completed for the next meeting that focuses on the CEP and budget. Any SLT member cam submit an item for the agenda before the next meeting.

6) Training sessions should be scheduled for the entire Team concerning completing a CEP and aligning the school budget.

Contact Sharon Rencher ( if your school needs the 2008-2009 Template. Also, ask for the 2008-2009 CEP Guide.

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John Nkosi Ferrell said...

I am a member of the SLT in ps 38 Brooklyn. These training sessions should be conducted by whom? What happens if the SLT membership has not seen a CEP template by now in December? I really need your help as it is my intent to get this team back on track after a promising start.