Thursday, September 25, 2008

Contract for Excellence Funds and SLT's

Last June, schools received their Contracts for Excellence Funds (C4E). According to the "Department of Education 2008-2009 Contracts For Excellence Public Hearings" guide (p.11), "C4E planning is included in the 2008-09 Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) process, which requires input from the School Leadership Team (SLT). SLT's are also being provided with C4E training."

In conjunction with the SLT, decisions were to be made concerning how the money would be spent among the mandated categories, which included smaller class size.

In July, the principal completed a survey on how the money would be spent. You can look up your school and make a copy of the four page survey by accessing the Contracts For Excellence Link on this web page.

If your SLT was shut out of the process, put the topic on the agenda for your next meeting.Hold the principal accountable and assert your rights as members of the SLT.

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