Thursday, May 15, 2008

2008-2009 CEP Template

I have learned from the NYCDOE Office of School Improvement (Sharon Rencher) that the 2008-2009 CEP templates will be available on May 12th.

This is an outrage as many principals are refusing to start the process of developing a CEP until the template is issued. This is another example of the NYCDOE undermining the CEP process to ensure its failure.

A SLT should not wait for a template to be issued. The process of developing a CEP begins in September and concludes in June. The process is the same regardless of the template. The team takes a needs assessment of the school, completes goals and objectives, writes action plans, develops the budget and aligns it with the CEP.

Don't let your principal get away with the excuse of waiting for the template.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting this blog. It's much needed! The CEP was made available in the last Principal's Weekly. I received a copy only because I asked my secretary to print it out for me. My principal did not give it me and I am not sure if she even knows it's on-line. I was also under the assumption that we didn't have to do a CEP this year because the template was being redesigned. As the Chair of the SLT, I should have much more info made available to me but as we all know, the DOE is happy to have shadow , do nothing teams. So again, I look foward to this blog as a source of info as well as support.

Anonymous said...

I'm on an SLT in Manhattan and we got the same story about how we didn't have to work on the CEP until the template came out. I sure seems like the DOE wants to undermine SLTs, but WHY?

J. calantjis said...

The NYCDOE is undermining SLT's because they do not want to share decision making with parents and teachers, particularly with the development and spending of the school budget.

Anonymous said...

Its not just the DOE...our Union Leader has never done anything but sign the CEP....The SLT wants to gossip about issues instead of write, work, and be accountable. The principal ends up writing it with her team (teachers and administrators) because the SLT doesn't. Our SLT Chair didn't even know how much title 1 funding our school gets....she just asked me after 2 years of being the chair!