Thursday, May 22, 2008

2008-2009 CEP Template and Timeline issued

The NYCDOE issued the 2008-2009 CEP template and timeline on May 12th. The timeline extends the date for schools to complete 2008-2009 CEP's until November. Schools are to complete preliminary CEP's by June 20th.

The template is 12 pages and highlights the CEP process of developing a needs assessment, goals and objectives, action plans, and aligning the budget with the CEP.

By extending the date to November, it gives many principals and their non-functioning teams additional time to complete their CEP's. However, it is unrealistic to expect SLT's at this late date to complete preliminary CEP's by June 20th.There was really no excuse for teams to wait for the template before beginning the CEP process.

Ask your principal for a copy of the template and timeline.

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