Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Checking Up On Your SLT

Now that the Open Meetings Law has been confirmed for School Leadership Teams, parent and school leaders should be monitoring their teams to make sure they are focused on the development of the CEP and their budget responsibilities. They should drop in on teams unannounced and observe what is happening. Chances are you will find that teams are not engaged in their duties and unaware of their responsibilities due to lack of training. When you observe, remember to pick up the agenda for the meeting. You also have a right to receive the minutes of the meeting. By these means, we can pressure principals to develop functioning SLTs according to law. However, the question is,do parents and school leaders realize the importance of functioning SLTs in school governance? James Calantjis sltsupport.blogspot.com -----Original Message----- From: 'Leonie Haimson' leoniehaimson@gmail.com [nyceducationnews] To: Nyceducationnews@Yahoogroups.com Cc: changethestakes-open-forum ; cts-internal Sent: Mon, Nov 14, 2016 5:08 pm Subject: [nyceducationnews] What's the story on School Leadership Teams and their meetings? A fact sheet for parents and members of the public. https://nycpublicschoolparents.blogspot.com/2016/11/whats-story-on-school-leadership-team.html Leonie Haimson Executive Director Class Size Matters 1 24 Waverly Pl. New York, NY 10011 phone: 212-529-3539/917-435-9329 leonie@classsizematters.org www.classsizematters.org