Monday, April 27, 2015

SLT Law up for Renewal

School Leadership Team Laws (2590-h and 2590r) are up for renewal June 30th 2015. I would bet the DOE will try to persuade the State Legislature to take away SLT decision making on the CEP by giving the principal final approval. They tried to do that in 2010 by revising Chancellor's Regulation A-655 and were prevented to do so by a Commissioner's Appeal (Pollicino). Now is the time to advocate that SLTs be restored the powers they had from 1998, to develop the budget, also through shared decision making.We should also lobby for consistent training by the DOE as well as a strong grievance process.Contact Cathy Nolan ( in support of SLTs. She is the Education Chairperson. The victory in the Open Meetings Law case will be meaningless if the decision making powers of SLT's are further weakened by a rewriting of the legislation. Sincerely, James Calantjis


Anonymous said...

I understand that SLTs are supposed to have discussions based on data, including formal and informal assessments, test results, quality reviews, etc. However, A-655 does not, as far as I can tell, require Principals to disclose this information. Informal assessments are particularly important for setting goals for the CEP, and to help understand the needs of the students and teachers.

Anonymous said...

why is the chancellor requiring a new cep so early?
we don't have data to use to create goals!