Thursday, January 8, 2015

Principals' Weekly SLT CEP Update -Jan. 2015

School/Comprehensive Educational Plans (S/CEP): Quality Assurance and Monitoring Progress All schools / Deadline: February 27 Please note the following updates regarding the School Comprehensive Educational Plan (S/CEP) process: Quality Assurance Feedback: In December, the NYCDOE reviewed and provided quality assurance (QA) feedback on SCEPs for Priority and Focus schools to your superintendent, cluster, and network so that your network could communicate the feedback to you and so that you and your School Leadership Team (SLT) could make revisions before the plan was submitted to SED on December 19. If your school’s accountability status is Good Standing, Reward, Local Assistance Plan, or if you are the principal of a new school and your SLT completed a CEP, the NYCDOE will review and provide quality assurance feedback to your superintendent, cluster, and network in January. Your network will share QA feedback with you by January 30. You should work with your SLT to incorporate the feedback into your plan and make revisions by February 27. You should download your S/CEP as soon as possible from the iPlan Portal and review the plan for possible updates made by the NYCDOE on your behalf. Check to determine if your school’s plan was revised as indicated below: 2013–14 CEP Covers: If your SLT used a version of the 2013–14 CEP template that was different from the one distributed via iPlan, revisions were made to your plan to update the logo and plan title on the cover. 2013–14 CEPs for Title I Schoolwide Program Schools (SWP): If your school is a Schoolwide Program School that is conceptually consolidating funds, required information was added to your CEP to reflect your school’s funding amounts. 2014–15 S/CEPs for Renewal Schools: If your school is a Renewal school, language was inserted in the overview section to describe the implementation of specific school improvement strategies for your school. Monitoring S/CEP Progress: During the month of February, your SLT should review your school’s progress towards meeting each annual goal as described below: If your school used the 2014–15 S/CEP template, as indicated in Part 6 of Section 5 for each of the action plans, your school must complete Part 6b. Your SLT should complete the following steps: Assess your school’s progress towards meeting your annual goals mid-way through the school year (i.e. in February). Complete Part 6b by: If your school met the mid-point benchmark for each goal in the timeframe specified, place an “X” in the appropriate box. If the mid-point benchmark(s) was not met, place an “X” in the appropriate box and describe any revisions made to the action plan to achieve the goal. Reach out to your network CEP point and work with your SLT to identify best practices and make necessary revisions to actions and strategies in order to achieve each annual goal. By February 27, complete the “Part 6: Progress Monitoring” section of your S/CEP and submit the revised plan via the iPlan Portal. If your school used the 2013–14 CEP template for the 2014–15 CEP, your SLT should use the Progress Monitoring chart to review your school’s progress towards meeting your annual goals. A blank Progress Monitoring chart will be shared in next week’s Principals’ Weekly. Refer to the same guidance for completing assessing progress in the 2014 –15 S/CEPs, listed above, when completing the chart. If your school completed the 2014–15 SCEP Title I Appendix for School Improvement Grant (SIG) Cohort 4/5 or the School Innovation Fund (SIF) Schools plan, your SLT should engage in your school’s customized review process during your school’s performance management progress reporting time period. For additional information on the customized review process, click here for School Improvement Grant schools and here for School Innovation Fund guidelines for SIF schools. By March 5, the NYCDOE will combine your school’s S/CEP with your Language Allocation Policy (LAP), Language Translation and Interpretation (LTI) Plan, and Title III plan (if applicable) and post the revised S/CEP on your school’s NYCDOE website. For questions, contact your network CEP point.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this blog. We have not been presented with the CEP nor the school budget at our SLT meetings. now I hear that they want us to sign it. What should we do?

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