Monday, April 22, 2013

Remember to Hold SLT Elections Before the End of the School Year

Elections for School Leadership Team positions that are available for September,should be held before the end of June. New members of SLTs must be elected by their parent or teacher constituencies. The Parents Association President conducts the election for parent members. The UFT Chapter Leader conducts the election for teacher members. The term of service of a member should be stated in the team's bylaws. The PA President and Chapter Leader are core members of the SLT. SLT parent and teacher members generally can run for re-election, unless their bylaws prohibits it.

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Anonymous said...

Would you please tell me how to get hold of CEPs for 2008 and before 2008? My SLT finally implemented term limits but some of the older members are being less than forthcoming about how long they have been on the SLT. I would like to have elections soon, but really need to know the composition of the team from before 2008 to determine who needs to step down. So far the prinicpal has been less than forthcoming and I have searched for CEPs before 2009 to no avail.
Lisa Kunin, UFT Chapter Leader, PS189M