Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011-2012 CEP Update

Submit 2011-12 Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP)

All schools / Deadline: December 1

As detailed in the November 1 Chancellor’s Memo in Principals’ Weekly, 2011-12 CEPs are due on December 1. You received an email last week (from noreply@iplanportal.com) with login information to access the CEP template in the iPlan Portal. Please note that the CEP guidance document has been updated, including a new sample goal (slide 12). Work with your network and School Leadership Team offline to complete the CEP and submit the finalized document in the iPlan Portal by December 1.

If your school submitted preliminary CEP goals in June 2011, you should have received additional login information in the email with details for accessing goals already submitted.

All Title I School-Wide Program (SWP) schools will be considered to be conceptually consolidated.

For questions, contact your network CEP point.


Anonymous said...

Our SLT just received the CEP that the Principal put together this morning at our monthly SLT meeting. This was the first time the CEP was discussed at a meeting, and we were told the deadline is Dec. 1st.

When were Principals told about the CEP's deadline? We now have 2 weeks - including the Thanksgiving break - that we should review the CEP and we are to write our comments re: the CEP to the Principal in an email and it will be compiled and submitted online by the Principal.

I don't understand why we are addressing the CEP only now, so close to the deadline. The principal mentioned that the deadline was only just released to them. Is there a way to find out when the actual date was they were told about the CEP's deadline?

please reply to this or send an email to nycliving AT gmail.com

Mr. Portelos said...

We were in a worse situation where we met on a regular basis and never discussed the CEP. We just heard yesterday that the principal submitted the CEP already. No one signed or agreed to it on the team. We feel we were kept in the dark about the CEP and the budget. Was a state law violated?