Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chancellor's Regulation B-801-School Based Budgeting-4/21/10

Please see link for the new Chancellor's Regulation B-801(School Based Budgeting).Principals must consult with School Leadership Teams(SLTs) while preparing the school budget.School Leadership Teams must make sure the budget is aligned with the Comprehensive Educational Plan (see Chancellor's Regulation A-655 for more details). The principal must give written assurance to the Superintendent that the budget is aligned with the CEP. If a consensus of the SLT (other than the principal)believes the budget is not aligned with the CEP, they can send a written request to the Superintndent to intervene.The SLT can receive training in their budget responsibilities from the DOE "when reasonably requested".


Ujjwal said...

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Anonymous said...

We SLT memebers at our school feel left out. We haven't even read the whole document but yet the principal wants us to sign off on it. We do not feel apart of the team we did not discuss our childens academic plan or how should the funds for title 1 be spent.