Saturday, October 31, 2009

UFT President promotes SLT Responsibilities Under Governance Law

UFT President Michael Mulgrew gave a power point presentation to Chapter Leaders and delegates on Oct. 14th concerning the responsibilities and powers of School Leadership Teams under the new governance law. He urged Chapter leaders, who are core members of teams, "to exercise those responsibilities immediately".

Mr. Mulgrew said, "we need an active SLT in every school".The vast majority of Chapter Leaders indicated that they had not "been informed of their new responsibilities or tackled their bylaws and the school budget" at the first SLT meeting in September.

The UFT plans to offer training "to educate members and parents about the new SLT role." Mr. Mulgrew said if the principal ignores the new law with regard to SLTs,the UFT district representative should be notified immediately.

I urge parents and the PA President on SLTs, to work with the UFT Chapter Leader on your team, to focus the principal on SLT responsibilities and powers.For more information and resources for School Leadership Teams, visit the SLT Support Center at

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