Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Daily News Article- June 10, 2008

"A Day in Court Suits Me, Ma Sez", "Sues city to regain voice in school leadership teams" (Click title to view article)

This Daily News article (p.14 XQ) by Jess Wisloski is about the Pollicino V. NYCDOE appeal to the Commissioner concerning the weakening of SLT's due to the revised A-655 Chancellor's Regulation (12/07). It states that a decision by Commissioner Mills is expected soon. Either party can appeal the ruling by the Commissioner in state Supreme Court. The article highlights parent leader Marie Pollicino, the petitioner in the case. It also cites the United Federation of Teachers , Community Education Council 26 and Melvyn Meer(parent leader at P.S. 188) as added petitioners to the case.

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James, Keep up the good work. The blog looks good. If I might make a slight suggestion, darken the white against light blue background, hard to see for us aging educators. See you at the Chateau D'If.